Don't Rain On My Parade

[NaNoWriMo Day One]

Happy November, everyone!

Okay, obviously what I really mean here is: HAPPY NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH, EVERYONE! Are you participating in the madness of NaNo this year?

I am. Again. Only, this time? I'm winning - come Hell, high water, or turkey-induced comas. To that effect, I have a secret weapon: a NaNo soundtrack.

Why I've never done this with NaNo is anyone's guess. For years, I've made soundtracks for everything from novels to major tests to sitting in traffic. Music is exceptionally helpful for getting inspired or letting loose emotions. Writing a book in a month calls for aid with both of those things. So, day by day, I'm picking one song that most sums up the particular joys or stresses NaNo is throwing at us.

Today's song is cheating a bit, I must admit. It's my general theme song for life - writing or otherwise. I dare you to find a more inspiring get-up-and-do-something-amazing song. 50,000 words in one month? Pretty damn amazing.

[I know it's heresy, but I do slightly prefer Lea Michele's version to Barbra's.]


Weronika Janczuk said...


Also, me too -- winning *whatever it takes.* So tired of trying and failing at this test of wills, and hell, I was so dedicated I wrote a week's worth of it in 25 hours.

Let's hope it lasts!

GOOD LUCK to you and thanks for the Glee version. Off to listen. On repeat.

Sabrina Shields said...

Good luck! I started Nano last year but didn't finish. Hoping to add another 50k to my WIP this year. (I'm a Nano Rebel) :)